Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your unlimited plans really unlimited?

    The short answer is yes but with no abuse. Please see our abuse policy for more details.

  • What is your abuse policy?

    We are authorized resellers of the two biggest mobile service providers in the country, they require us to prevent abuse of their service, to mostly avoid congestion, that’s why our system monitors data usage within our clients and flags accounts that have unusual high data consumption, we will contact those users with a usage warning and if it doesn’t improve those account will be terminated. If you have a further question about this please contact us.

  • What devices can connect to my Wi-Fi network?

    Our service works as any regular Wi-Fi network; you will be able to connect any smart device from home or work.

  • Can I use my smart TV with this service?

    Absolutely yes. You will be able to use any smart TV or TV box and stream your favorite shows with excellent results.

  • Can I play online games with your service?

    Yes, our service is perfect for gamers, just make sure your device is located where it has the best reception in your house.

  • What is different between and cable internet? offers mobile internet service, this service is provided through the same cell phone towers that your phone works with, there is no hooks, cables or wires involved.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We offer a 7-day money guarantee on all our plans, if you are not satisfied with our service open a service ticket within the first 7 days of your order receipt to request a cancellation. Bare in mind that fees are not refundable under this policy.

  • Where can I use your service?

    We use the two largest and most reliable networks to provide our service, they work in 99% of the country, you can visit our coverage links on the top menu to check coverage in your location.

  • Can I use this service when I travel?

    Yes you can, our service will work anywhere in the United States including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

  • What happens if I let my service expire?

    We offer a prepaid service and therefor if you fail to pay for the upcoming month of service, your data will be suspended, we allow 30 days for service to be reinstated, after this time the service will be terminated and if you decide to re-activate, a new SIM card purchase and activation fee will be required.

  • What is the data speed for your plans?

    We have seen speeds up-to 3000Mbs when connected to 5G and 90Mbs+ on LTE networks. Connection speeds depend on different things, like the kind of hotspot modem you are using, where you are located and what is your surroundings. Modern hotspot modems have better internal antennas and work on faster frequencies, we recommend hotspot routers that work on LTE or 5G networks and have dual band Wi-Fi frequencies (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz), as 2.4GHz frequencies are compatible with older devices and 5Ghz frequencies will give you faster wireless speeds. Keep in mind that cell phone waves are susceptible to walls, electromagnetic interference and proximity to cell phone towers, the closer you are to the nearest cell phone tower and the less blocking you have in your surroundings the better speed you will experience. To see more about our service coverage please visit our coverage links located on the top menu.

  • How many devices can connect to one hotpot modem?

    This depends on your hotspot router, they range from 10 to 30 or more, you should refer to your owner’s manual for more details.

  • How many active subscriptions can I have?

    You can have up to 5 active subscriptions at time, if you need to activate more subscription please contact us.

  • Can I bring my own hotspot modem?

    Yes, make sure it is unlocked and it’s compatible with America’s network standards.

  • Can I use your service for my business?

    Yes, our service is perfect for small businesses.