Italian Artist Sells Invisible Sculpture For $ 18,300, No Kidding! (Video)

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Invisible SculptureThe painter and sculptor Salvatore Garau sold his invisible sculpture for $18,300. The painting named ‘Io Sono’ or Italian for ‘I am’ only exists in the artist’s imagination.

According to, the sculpture’s initial price range was between €6,000 and €9,000. However, after multiple bids were placed, the price was raised and was eventually sold for €15,000, or roughly $18,300 to an anonymous bidder — who would want to be recognized after spending that much money on an invisible art.

So in return for the $18,300 that was spent by the buyer for nothing, they received a stamped certificate indicating that the immaterial sculpture belongs to them now.


However, Garau defends his work saying that his invisible sculpture isn’t ‘nothing’ but instead, it is a vacuum which is nothing more than a place that is full of energy that even if it is empty or there’s nothing left to it, it still has a weight that contains energy that is condensed and turned into particles.

Its creator, the 67-year-old painter and sculptor Salvatore Garau imposed that the sculpture must be placed in an open space with five feet by five feet area. It should also be on display in a private residence. And because it isn’t there, it may be exhibited in any light.

First Invisible Sculpture Sold But Not The First One:

Though this is the first invisible artwork of Garau that was sold, it is not his first immaterial sculpture. Last February, Garau exhibited another invisible sculpture named Buddha in Contemplation, near the entrance to the Gallerie d’Italia on the Piazza Della Scala in Milan.

Garau even shared a video of the “statue” on his Instagram account. But the video only shows where the sculpture is located. Garau said that it may not be visible but it exists and is even made with spirit and air.

Meanwhile, he placed AFRODITE CRIES in front of the New York Stock Exchange this week. The Italian Cultural Institute helped fund the project, which is represented by an empty white circle.


The invisible sculpture is supposed to “ignite” the viewer’s imagination, a power that, according to the artist in the video, everyone possesses.

He also said that whenever he decided to display an immaterial work or sculpture in a specific space, that space will concentrate a specific amount and density of ideas at a precise point, resulting in a sculpture, that from his title, will only assume the most diverse forms, and as he continues to defend his work, he even added that we were all created by God that we have never seen before.

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